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        1. FY19 Foundation Overview

          Impacting People and Communities

          In FY19, the NVIDIA Foundation’s initiatives benefited communities around the world through diverse efforts such as grants to nonprofits providing cancer care and support, an AI-focused youth education initiative, and our employees, numerous volunteer and fundraising activities.


          Making a difference

          3.3 Million Dollars Donated in 2019

          $3.3M DONATIONS
          Total Made in FY19

          Making a difference

          NVIDIA and its employees donated nearly $3.3 million and more than 13,000 volunteer hours in FY19 to support the work of nonprofits across the globe. Learn more about how we’re making a difference.

          Evaluating our Efforts

          13 Thousand Hours Donated in 2019

          13K+ HOURS
          Donated by Our Employees in FY19

          Evaluating our Efforts

          The NVIDIA Foundation monitors a set of metrics to evaluate our giving and employee engagement programs. See our FY19 results.

          Revitalizing Resources

          15 Offices around the world made a impact with Project Inspire in 2019

          15 NVIDIA OFFICES
          Participated in Project Inspire Events in FY19

          Revitalizing Resources

          Project Inspire is a long-standing NVIDIA tradition that brings together employees, their families, and members of the community to transform a community resource through an annual volunteer event. Fifteen NVIDIA offices around the world participated in Project Inspire events in FY19. Learn more about these events and what we achieved.