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        1. WORKSHOPS & SUMMIT NOV. 4, 2019
          SESSIONS & EXHIBITS NOV. 5 - 6, 2019

          Experience the Power of GTC

          NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference is the premier event on artificial intelligence. Connect with experts to get hands-on technical training and insights into the latest AI and data science approaches, applications and breakthroughs.

          Choose from 100+ talks, panels, posters and demos covering deep learning, machine learning, cybersecurity, autonomous machines, HPC, intelligent video analytics, healthcare, 5G, VR and more.

          2019 Topics

          Featured 2019 Speakers

          Suzette Kent
          Gregg Cohen

          This year’s speaker roster features a who’s who in AI and deep learning ... I attend nearly 75 events a year, and GTC is a don’t-miss.

          — Patrick Moorhead, Forbes

          From autonomous driving, … robots, and drones to the move to general AI, GTC covers most of what will redefine our world this century.

          — TG Daily

          GTC has evolved into the industry’s largest AI show

          — eWeek (U.S.)


          GTC has exploded into a massive artificial intelligence conference as the GPU has become a key technology in that field.

          — Zeus Kerravala, eWeek

          2019 Sponsors

          Interested in sponsoring, exhibiting or partnering at GTC DC 2019? Contact us for details.




          The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center
          1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20004