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        1. Broaden the Boundaries of Learning

          Broaden the Boundaries of Learning

          Tomorrow’s leaders are tapping into enormous datasets and complex workflows to address major social and global challenges. Higher education is at the forefront, training innovators in AI, robotics, accelerated computing, and data science. NVIDIA supplies universities with the tools needed to enable expertise and discoveries in critical disciplines to further the progress of humanity.


          Scale Your Infrastructure

          Establish computational excellence by handling large workloads, increasing efficiency, and lowering operational costs.

          Propel Innovation

          Clear the path to discovery with tools that accelerate exploration, experimentation, and deployment.

          Enhance Learning

          Equip students with critical AI and high-performance computing (HPC) skills to further their career development.

          Accelerate Your Workflow with NVIDIA

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            Research IT

          Extend AI & HPC to the Data Center

          The combination of GPU-powered high-performance computing (HPC) and AI is emerging as the backbone of scientific breakthroughs in areas such as chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and computer science. NVIDIA DGX POD? provides the integrated infrastructure that can handle these large computational workloads.

          Exten AI & HPC to the Data Center

          The teaching kit presented a very well-structured way to teach GPU programming, especially given the way many of our students come from very diverse backgrounds.

          – Daniel Wong, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, University of California, Riverside

          Teach State-of-The-Art Techniques

          Receive training on the latest trends in deep learning, accelerated computing, and robotics with DLI NVIDIA Teaching Kits. Put that expertise in practice by producing groundbreaking research.

          Boost Research

          Boost Research

          Today’s research requires infrastructure that can handle large computational workloads to derive fast and accurate insights from vast amounts of data. The NVIDIA? DGX? family of deep learning systems lowers the cost of computing infrastructure and accelerates the performance of HPC and AI applications.

          Get Hands-On Training with Latest Technology

          Get Hands-On Training with Latest Technology

          Get hands-on training in AI, data science, and accelerated computing to solve real-world problems. Through online courses and instructor-led workshops powered by GPUs in the cloud, students can learn the latest techniques for designing and deploying neural networks and accelerating their applications with CUDA? and OpenACC.

          A team of researchers at Dartmouth College’s Hassanpour Lab achieved an 80% performance increase when training a pair of neural networks on the TITAN RTX to detect osteoporotic vertebral fractures.

           – "TITAN RTX Slashes Time for Detecting Osteoporosis," NVIDIA Developer News

          Speed Up Data Science Workflows

          Data science is central to some of the world’s most important research. Today’s workflows need systems that allow students and researchers to iterate faster and get results sooner. TITAN RTX enables faster end-to-end data science workflows, with GPU-accelerated data preparation and model training.

          Optimize Applications

          Building AI models can be complex and time-consuming. NGC provides a hub of essential software for deep learning, machine learning, and HPC with pre-trained AI models, model training scripts, and industry-specific software stacks.

          By centralizing applications and data, NGC optimizes applications and provides students with the most updated AI and HPC software.

          By spending less time on software installs, we’re definitely able to take care of things that have more priority. We’re able to help researchers with real problems—for instance, improving workflows or parallelizing code.

          Get Started with Data Science

          For a limited time, get free hands-on training from NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute with the purchase of NVIDIA TITAN RTX.

          Create Your Next Breakthrough

          With a valid, accredited-university email address, students, researchers and faculty are eligible for discounts on NVIDIA hardware.


          Advance Research in Higher Education

          Advance Research in Higher Education

          Launch this webinar and learn how to optimize your institution’s research infrastructure with tools that enable faster computing for more insights.

          Kickstart Your Data Science Journey

          Kickstart Your Data Science Journey

          From a series of expert-led video tutorials to how-to guides on GitHub, browse a host of resources on data science.

          An AI Quantum Breakthrough

          An AI Quantum Breakthrough

          The University of Florida and the University of North Carolina developed the ANAKIN-ME neural network engine to produce computationally fast quantum mechanical simulations with high accuracy at very low cost.

          Speeding the Path to Fusion Energy

          Speeding the Path to Fusion Energy

          To predict and steer tokamak fusion reactions to avoid disruption and safely continue to produce power, researchers at Princeton University have developed the advanced machine learning Fusion Recurrent Neural Network (FRNN) predictive code.

          Higher Education and Research at GTC

          Higher Education and Research at GTC

          Professors, students, and researchers are utilizing artificial intelligence to develop new ways to accelerate findings. From topics like nuclear physics to radiology, catch the top five talks from GTC 2019 in San Jose, California.

          Delve into the DevZone

          Explore additional content within an array of NVIDIA programs for higher education and research, such as our graduate fellowships and exclusive educational discounts.

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